Gravity Grace is an ideas production house. We bring innovation, quality, creativity and freshness for our clients to indulge in. We believe that high-quality production should be available to all, no matter the budget or brief, through intelligent strategy and expertise. We offer a wide range of services, including all aspects of production as well as executive production, with a specialization in production services, location scouting, casting, and behind-the-scenes coordination.

Gravity Grace has carved a niche for itself, working for and with advertising agencies, by crafting amazing creative work for global/international brands. You will find all your production dreams come true. We are forerunners, brimming with energy and vibrant ideas that will fulfill all your needs.

Location scouting in-line with the concept of the shoot is a skill that our production team is efficient at. Every member of the team has spent a great deal of time and earned a great deal of experience in recceing an area and production. As a result, securing your location needs right from booking to appropriate permissions is carried through efficiently, to ensure a smooth shoot.

  • Casting

  • We have some of the best actors and models who are dedicated to their craft and go the extra mile to give their best performance. We also engage in artist management, taking care of leading actors and other cast of the shoot.

  • Prop hire, Sourcing and set build

  • We also source and hire props, equipment, and other production paraphernalia required for Video & Photo-shoots. When required, we call upon our expert team to build sets for the shoots as well.

  • Location sourcing and permitting

  • Our production team is known to source the best locales in line with the concept of the shoot. Having spent many years going on recces and in production, each member of the team is proficient in booking the required location, as well as getting necessary permissions to ensure that the shoot goes on smoothly.

  • Equipment hire and service

  • We aim to acquire the best of technology and equipment for our shoots. It helps us ensure that we get the best, high-end product feature. We also book the best studio and equipment at a competitive price to suit our budget.

  • story boarding

  • With an itch for greatness in everything we do, we create, design and tell stories with a persistent commitment to innovation and efficiency. Our pursuit of excellence is the only way we know how to generate ideas that stick and that accelerate your brand's progress.